Judith Weir

This is the final newsletter for the term and so it is fitting to celebrate all that has been achieved. It seems that we all returned this year with a resolve to move forward and engage in as many opportunities as we can. We have certainly seen students wholeheartedly embracing opportunities here at school.

We have so much to celebrate and give thanks for, including the successful transition of our Year 7 students, the achievements of our students in GSV, the wonderful Swimming Carnival where so many participated, and the uplifting celebrations of success at our assemblies and our Masses.

Students also signed up in great numbers to the many clubs and activities on offer. Our social justice teams have been very busy supporting initiatives to provide for people within our local community and beyond, along with environmental initiatives. The increased number of students engaged in all aspects of school life has been encouraging.

We have also been privileged to host so many events with parents and caregivers this year. We are grateful for the feedback regarding the Information Evenings, where families were able to meet with Coordinators and Pastoral Leaders. We are also pleased that the Time and Space Evenings and International Women’s Day breakfast were well attended and enjoyed by both adults and students alike.

In addition to their engagement with the co-curricular program, students have made renewed commitments to their studies, which will stand them in good stead as we go into Term 2. It will be the first time Year 10 students participate in the exam program and will engage in a program to support their readiness to make choices about their VCE pathways. Year 12 students will complete Unit 3 and begin to turn their minds to the end of year and making choices about their lives beyond school. Much of the work all students have done this term will provide good preparation for this.

I hope that in the next few weeks families have a chance for a well-deserved rest. We are in the season of Lent, a time for renewal and hope in The Resurrection. As we approach this Easter we pray for the renewal of peace, health and safety for all in our world. May all who live in fear or poverty enjoy the hope of The Resurrection. May leaders in our world find wisdom to end conflict and suffering and may we all find hope in our hearts in order that we experience compassion, justice, courage and joy; the OLMC values that we hold so dear.

I would like to congratulate and thank our students and families for a great term and wish all a wonderful Easter. I hope that you find this is a time of renewal as you come together with family and friends. We look forward to a successful Term 2.