Every year, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) curates concerts of the most successful VCE Drama Solo and Theatre Studies Monologue exams from the previous year. Top Class performers are selected from students who have achieved an A or an A+ on their VCE performance examination.

There are around 2500 VCE Drama students that complete the performance exam each year and out of those students, 20 students from around the state are selected to perform at the prestigious Top Class concerts. This year they were presented at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Ruby Mackay from the Class of 2023 was one of the very talented students invited to perform this year. The Drama solo exam is a self-devised seven minute performance based on one of the 10 characters prescribed by the VCAA. Ruby chose to create a performance based on Eliza Emily Donnithorne, a real-life woman from the 1800s who after being left at the altar, became a recluse. Ruby’s performance was a cleverly scripted piece that demonstrated research and outstanding performance skills. She worked diligently on the task and was rewarded with an excellent result. Congratulations Ruby!

Felicia Taine
VCE Drama Teacher