On Friday 19 April the Year 11 and 12 Drama classes went on an excursion to Top Class, where we saw the best of the best Year 12 Drama students from 2023 perform their individual solos. We saw many different styles and ways of performing. My favourite performance was the one based on Six, the Musical. I particularly loved the use of props and costumes. It was an amazing opportunity and experience that will be very valuable when we are planning and performing solos for assessment.

Jaimi B (11MJBA)

On Friday 19 April the Year 11 and 12 Drama class went with the Year 12 Theatre Studies class to watch the Top Class performances at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Together we watched the best Year 12 Theatre Studies monologue performances from 2023, where performers were given a list of prompts and monologues to choose from. The performers either chose to act and direct for a monologue or design for their chosen script through two of the six production areas. Overall, it was an amazing experience as we got the chance to watch performances that we will also be doing at the end of the year. The performances were all creative and entertaining to watch, making it a very fun day!

Grace N (11CJSE)