In the final week of Term 3, Year 12 students set off for their Year 12 Retreat for 2022. We began by celebrating Mass in the Nalleijering Centre with Fr. Kevin Hennessy CP, accompanied by the Year 7 students, while the rest of the school community joined us remotely.

After the celebration of Eucharist, the Year 7 students presented the Year 12s with a “Journey Stone”, on which they had each written words of encouragement and decorated. The stones were a beautiful reminder that the OLMC community were keeping the Year 12 students in their prayers while they took part in this special experience.

After a fairly long bus ride (which was very quiet - students used the time to catch up on sleep!), to the Alexandra Adventure Park staff and students had lunch and settled into their cabins. They were introduced to the scripture passage that was at the core of our time on retreat - the story of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, after the crucifixion of Jesus.

Staff facilitated retreat sessions exploring this theme, and students were invited to use the scripture story to reflect on their own journeys; where they have been, who walks with them and where they are going.

In between retreat sessions, students took part in a range of outdoor activities, including rock climbing, flying fox and on the giant swing. Students enthusiastically participated in these activities with their peers and teachers.

On the final day of retreat, we were very fortunate that Fr. Ignatius Vu SSS was able to travel from Melbourne for the morning to celebrate Mass. During this special celebration of Eucharist, students led different parts of the experience.

Bernadette Hogan
Religious Education Learning Area Teacher