On Thursday 18 May we took the opportunity to meet with students from a number of Mercy schools across Australia and discussed the importance of constitutional recognition and representation for Australia’s Indigenous peoples.

We were lucky enough to hear from Professor Michelle Foster, who is the director of the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness at Melbourne Law School.

We learnt about the history of Indigenous Rights in Australia and are now inspired to look for ways in which we can encourage discussion around the Voice to Parliament, and an understanding of the Uluru Statement. As a result of what we’ve learnt today, our intention is to work with a wider group of students to create a statement on behalf of Our Lady of Mercy College in support of the Voice to Parliament.

Elena S. (9GTA), Hannah H. (10CTKI), Julia M. (12LSMI), Tiffany M. (9GTA) and Neha M. (11CMSM)