On Friday 12 May Dare2Donate was once again held at OLMC to raise money for the McAuley Community Services For Women.

The Senior House Coordinators were dared to make a dancing TikTok to show the whole school for the fundraiser. A couple of students in the senior level (including myself) helped the coordinators learn the 'Cupid' dance and then film and edit it. The teachers were very keen, showing lots of enthusiasm throughout learning the TikTok dance, whilst the students had a laugh with the teachers watching them try to figure out each move.

Each House Coordinator has different traits that each student loves about them, they are all very welcoming and kind-hearted and are always willing to listen to students when in need of help or even just for a quick chat. The House Coordinators are very keen to see the students attend Athletics Day next week in their House colours and to cheer on their teams to earn points to win the house trophy or the cheering trophy!

Alysia B. (12AJIN)