There has been much excitement over the past few months for Year 10 students in the Health and PE elective, Health In Our Community. Students have had the opportunity to take home an electronic infant for a two day period. During Term 1, the Health in Our Community classes studied a unit on Maternal Health which focussed on the impact motherhood has on the dimensions of Health and Wellbeing.

Students wore a wireless sensor and were required to individually tend to the baby's needs which included feeding, burping, rocking, changing, dressing and handling the baby correctly. The girls had to navigate their usual classes and outside commitments all with a newborn baby in tow. The program challenged students and gave them the opportunity to develop initiative, multitasking and compassion.

The girls took on the project with commitment and determination. It was rewarding to see how much the girls gained from the experience. While many girls were sad to say goodbye to the baby, others gave an exhausted sigh of relief and quickly handed the baby back.

So, what did the students have to say about the project….

“Initially it was quite challenging to recognise what the baby was needing, however as time progressed, I was able to identify the different sounds and tones of Lenny’s cry as to what he needed. For example, a loud sudden cry would mean he wanted to be fed.” - Sienna
“This project influenced me to have a greater appreciation for parents, particularly mothers. It is so hard to care for a baby and make sure you are providing it with everything it wants, which is something I didn’t realise before taking part in the project.” - Shae
“I genuinely enjoyed the experience so much and I think it has taught me a lot about independence and how much effort you need to put into motherhood.” - Amelia
“I have learnt the basics of what is required to be a good mother, which is something I thoroughly enjoyed. I also enjoyed how the baby project linked directly to what we were learning in class.” - Trinity

Well done to all students for the courage and care they displayed.

Madeleine Omizzolo
Health in Our Community Teacher