Judith Weir

Our College mission and vision encourages our staff and students to be active and engaged learners. We want them to be challenged by the learning opportunities we provide and we want them to challenge themselves. We want our students to be engaged in their learning in such a way that they are always looking to do or be the best they can. The remaining weeks of Term 2 are challenging, but they are an opportunity for students to see the outcomes of their pursuit of excellence and to build their repertoire of experiences, skills and knowledge.

Year 7 students will depart for Phillip Island next week, for their first camp with OLMC. We hope that they find the opportunity to meet others from the year level that they are yet to engage with, and enjoy some wonderful experiences and time away from school. We are praying for good weather and hope all the staff and students have a wonderful time.

Year 12 students will also participate in their Retreat Program. This is something that is always spoken about as a highlight of their year by Year 12 students. It will be the last time for them to share in an experience that includes an overnight component as a cohort. It is also a very precious time to reflect on their journey; what has brought them to this point and what they hope for the future. We hope that they are blessed with wonderful weather and great joy.

Exams will soon begin for Year 10 and 11 students and Year 12 students will participate in finalising their assessments for the semester. I hope that your child takes time to reflect on the learning gains made over the semester and also the improvements or new work habits that have enabled growth and success. Understanding the strategies that have been successful this year will be helpful in the years to come.

On Monday we hosted the Mid-Year Concert. Students from Year 7 to 12 performed for a substantial audience. It was a great pleasure to watch the joy on the faces of all students as they felt the appreciation of the audience. As is always the case, we are awed by the wealth of talent of our students.

We are entering the last few weeks of the term, one that has been short and challenged us to achieve all our aspirations within a very short timeframe. We still have some way to go and much to learn but as is always the case, we will continue to challenge students to live our values of courage, compassion, justice and joy as they make their way through the busy assessment period.