Model United Nations (UN) was an invaluable experience. I was fortunate enough to step into the shoes of a UN ambassador for Barbados and discuss contentious global issues, with the aim of finding the best possible solution through dialogue and negotiation with people I had not met before, to find common ground and create consensus. It was interesting to look at topics through the lens of the country I was representing, rather than from my own opinion.

It was amazing to see over 120 students from ten schools across Melbourne representing 30 counties at the event.

Our Model UN debate was related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on developing a new UN resolution for empowering women and girls. My team and I researched the country we were assigned, being Barbados, and then took part in a process to draft a resolution which the assembly voted on. The day culminated in all improving their debating, public speaking and negotiation skills. I hope to attend the event again in the future, as it was a very positive experience.

Tiffany M. (9GTA)