In English, students are encouraged to respond creatively to texts to help them to gain greater insights into characterisation, themes, structure and voice.

Year 10 English students have been studying William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar and have written creative responses that explore a character or key moment in the play.

Below are some excerpts from their writing:

Oh, Hygieia, my dearest goddess, I pray you to steal the pounding in my head away from me, let me drift away to rest this night. I endured as much as a woman could, but no more can I take. For many a night, I waited and listened as Brutus departed from our bed, at the earliest hours of dawn, relentlessly pacing the floors of our domus. I had enough wisdom to know that my love was hiding something from me, secrets that I thought we would always share were now being concealed for the first time since our marriage. I felt completely and truly lost. My mind was unravelling like the loose string between the silks and it took every ounce of my strength not to succumb to the incessant worries spiralling within me. No…I will not doubt…I must not let my mind weaken to that point.

Nathasha J. (CRIV)

My husband, Brutus has never been overwhelmed by the flock of servants that hassle him like seagulls fighting for a scrap of food, even in times as stressful as these. At the hint of dusk the previous evening, he confided in me (though, I suspect, with scarce detail), the conspirators’ hatching plan to murder Caesar. I am flabbergasted, to say the least, that he is to be a part of this, though never quicker had something clicked in my head when he explained honour’s involvement. Bilious thoughts flood my mind for an instant and glancing away from Brutus, who is being draped with silky white cloth lined with red, I lay a tremulous hand on the flowing fabric of my cerulean dress.

Ella P .(LKPA)

I let out a sigh and start pacing around my room.

I pass my window and catch a glance of Julius Caesar walking away towards the Capitol with Decius. I have my suspicions about him, why would Decius want Caesar to leave the house so badly against my wishes? My brain clouds with all the things that could possibly go wrong and result in the death of the great Julius Caesar.

Natalie G. (AASE)

As the time keeps passing by, the clock continuously ticking, I am still waiting for my husband. My heavy footsteps echo in the quiet darkness. Soon I will wear holes in the floor with my constant pacing.

As I wait, I hear the conversation that Brutus and I had last night play over and over again in my mind…

Molly D. (APSM)

I stay as silent as possible, sitting as still as a statue, my legs cramp up and my back stiffens yet I make sure to make no sudden movements. I sit and watch as more senators join the room, I take note as to all of those who enter seem as though they are on edge. At front of the senators are Cassius, Brutus and Casca, almost as if leading the other men. The more senators that join the room the more tension fills the room, yet Caesar remains unaware as to the men who stand before him with a malicious gleam in their eye. Of course, Caesar is unaware, his tragic flaw being his excessive pride.

Sienna H. (CMSM)

Anne Morrison
English Learning Leader