On Friday 17 May we celebrated one of our annual fundraising events, Dare2Donate! From Taylor Swift to lifeguards, there were many amazing costumes and acts presented by the OLMC staff. The ‘I’m Just Ken’ performance was a hit amongst the students, as was the opportunity to ‘Catch an Onion’ from Shrek. Another new addition this year was the Rock Paper Scissors competition, where students could compete throughout the week to win all the glory by challenging other students to Rock Paper Scissors battles. A delicious addition to Spirit Week was the MasterChef challenge; congratulations to Ms Lambert on winning the Master Baker award!

The energy of both students and staff made this year's Dare2Donate event a fun day. It was heart-warming to see everyone come together for a common cause, showing off their creativity and competitive spirit. The various activities not only entertained but also helped in raising significant funds for McAuley for Women and Children.

All proceeds from the event will go straight to McAuley, an organisation OLMC is proud to support. Their work in helping women and children who are escaping family violence or domestic violence, and helping women who are facing homelessness, is a very important cause, and we hope that our donation will help them continue to do the amazing work they do. If anyone is able, we are still accepting donations and would appreciate whatever amount you are able to give. Your contributions make a real difference and help ensure that McAuley can provide much needed support and resources. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated – your generosity truly makes a difference.

Jessica B and Nathasha J
College Captains