It has been a busy few months for Year 7-9 Health and Physical Education classes. We are proud of the students' enthusiasm and dedication, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and achievements in the next semester.

In Year 7 Health and Physical Education classes, students have been exploring cultural and historical games. This unit has provided an exciting opportunity for students to learn about and engage in traditional games from various cultures around the world, especially traditional Indigenous games. This unit has fostered teamwork, creativity, and an understanding of the cultural significance and history behind these games.

Year 8 Health and Physical Education classes have been immersed in a ‘Net and Wall Games’ unit. Throughout this unit, students have actively participated in sports such as Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, and the recently popular Pickleball. The introduction of Pickleball has added a fresh and exciting dimension to the curriculum.

Year 9 students this semester have been participating in a ‘Design a Game’ unit. This innovative unit has encouraged students to use their creativity and to design their own games. Working in small groups, students have brainstormed, planned, and tested their original game ideas, considering elements such as rules, objectives, and equipment. The students then present their games to their peers and teachers to be enjoyed by the entire class.

Teresa Cerra
Health and Physical Education Learning Leader