On Wednesday 5 June 2024 our Year 7 students embarked on a memorable adventure to Phillip Island Adventure Resort, set against the stunning backdrop of one of Victoria's most picturesque landscapes. The camp experienced ideal weather conditions, with clear skies and mild temperatures that made outdoor activities even more enjoyable.

As our students departed, they were sent off with the heartfelt blessings of the College community. Their Year 12 buddies had prepared handmade cards and bracelets, adding a personal touch of warmth and encouragement. These tokens symbolised the unity and support that is a hallmark of our College spirit.

Throughout the camp, our Year 7 students exemplified the College values of compassion, joy, justice, and courage. They supported each other through various challenges, demonstrating compassion as they continue to build a sense of community. Joy was evident in their laughter and smiles as they participated in activities ranging from high ropes courses and canoeing to team-building exercises and beach games. Justice was practiced as students ensured fairness and inclusion, making sure everyone felt valued and respected. And courage shone brightly as they stepped out of their comfort zones, whether it was conquering a fear of heights, trying new activities, or engaging with new friends.

The camp was not just about individual achievements; it was also about forging new connections and strengthening existing relationships. Students bonded over shared experiences, and these interactions helped to build a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging, which will be an integral part of their ongoing College journey.

As the camp drew to a close, it was clear that the students had created many lasting memories. From the thrill of new experiences to the comfort of strengthened friendships, the Year 7 Camp marked another amazing chapter in their OLMC journey. They returned with a greater sense of self-confidence, a deeper connection to their peers, and a stronger alignment with the values that our College holds dear.

Camp Reflections

On Year 7 Camp I participated in many exciting activities, and had the privilege of sharing a cabin with all of my close friends. In this experience I met new people from my activity group, grew closer with my friends, and had the opportunity to participate in many exciting activities.

Gemma S (7RTH)

My experience at Year 7 Camp was amazing. I had my wonderful friends in my cabin, which was good. I got to experience things I had never done before like canoeing. I developed new friendships with people from other classes and made heaps of memories.

Liana P (7RTH)

I really enjoyed the experience of Year 7 Camp, I made lots of new friends and memories. Camp was also a good experience because it pushed me to try new things I never thought I would do.

Charlotte S (7RTH)

My camp experience was so much fun. I made heaps of new friends and they all have things in common with me. I hope that the new people I have made friends with stay in contact with me. I pushed myself to do things that I didn't do in my Year 6 Camp. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and I am glad I did now.

Pia A (7RTH)

I enjoyed camp because it was a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, strengthen connections and try new things. One of my favourite things was the movie night.

Stephanie S (7RTH)

Kylie Willis
Year 7 Level Coordinator