Year 12 Lunch

On Tuesday 6 June, the Year 12 cohort gathered with their Pastoral Leaders, House Coordinators and members of the Leadership Team to recognise their journey so far. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was the theme for the day, so down the rabbit hole we ventured to celebrate all of the Year 12 students' hard work and success so far this year.

The tables were set with finger food and cupcakes and individual tea cups and saucers for our very own tea party. As the students gathered with their friends and teachers, the room was filled with excited chatter. It was so lovely to have the opportunity to stop and celebrate this cohort and all of their work.

The highlight for many of the Year 12s was the worst kept surprise, the delivery of the much-anticipated Year 12 hoodies - an OLMC rite of passage!

Although the day was a team effort, special thanks must go to Kathryn Williams and Marie Jenkins for their fabulous planning and organisation of the day. And of course to the Year 12s who embraced the day, engaged enthusiastically and were incredibly grateful for the time with the peers and teachers.

Felicia Taine, Hayley Gamble Curran, Kathryn Williams and Deb Daly
Senior Years House Coordinators

Year 12 Retreat

Last week was a very interesting week; it was a week of reflection.

The Year 12 Lunch was a reflection event about how we are almost there for finishing secondary school. The House Coordinators organised an Alice in Wonderland tea party for all of the Year 12 students. They told us the reason they chose Alice in Wonderland as our lunch theme was because we’re soon going into the big world and it was symbolic of all the opportunities we’re going to find in the future. The Year 12s really enjoyed the lunch and the chance to connect with each other. It was a nice change to our regular days. The Year 12s were so excited as we finally got our Year 12 jumpers.

The day after, we went on Year 12 Retreat.

Everyone’s Retreat experience was very different but memorable. The four Houses were split into two groups for camps. Mercy and Loreto went to Arrabri Lodge. McAuley and Carmel went to Lake Dewar. We reflected on God and ourselves. Each of us took our special items to share with each other. The most fun experience was that we got our very own Retreat journals. The Year 12s wrote in our journal about our objects, other people’s special objects, personal timelines, about the girls we connected with throughout our high school years and opinions about a scripture from the bible. The most fascinating activity was the MBTI quiz where I found what my MBTI personality type is. We also engaged in prayers. It was a great opportunity for the Year 12s to reconnect with each other and forget about schoolwork for a moment.

Sammie M.(12MAMN)