Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

Year 12 students participated in their annual retreat on Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 June. Those students in Loreto and Mercy Houses stayed at Arrabri Lodge in Warburton, and those in Carmel and McAuley Houses stayed at Lake Dewar in Myrniong.

These three days were precious and a gift in the busyness of our lives for students and staff. There are many things we hold in common, with a major one being we are all part of OLMC: a Catholic College, a Mercy school, a place of learning and growing, a place where we are invited to do our best and a place we are invited to encounter something greater than ourselves.

This retreat, which is a great blessing, invited us all to pause our regular existence, step away for a couple of days, and explore questions; What is important to me? And why? What life do I want to lead? Why? Who journeys with me in this life? How do I experience the Divine/Spirituality? We used the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24) to help us structure these searching questions.

Our tradition compels us to use our heads, hearts and hands in our being, in our calling, and in our living of Mercy. I would like to thank the staff who accompanied our students on retreat, including Fr Ignatius Vu S.S.S. and Br Tri Van Cao C.P.