Student reflections:-

This year, the ‘Revolting Children’ of OLMC and Marcellin College performed Matilda: the Musical with the help from the teachers who direct M2 Senior Productions!

I still can’t process the show being over. There were so many feelings I had going towards closing night, and no words can describe how grateful I am to be a part of not only this show, but also the amazing people I got to know over the past few months, and the friendships I built along the way.

Every cast member was so welcoming and everyone would always bring in a lot of positive energy into rehearsals. Putting this show together was a lot of fun, we would rehearse every Tuesday and Sunday, whether it would be learning a new dance, practising our songs or going through our scenes. We all put as much effort into the rehearsals by getting so much done in little time meaning we had enough time to perfect everything before our opening show.

I have always loved performing from a young age so when it came to show time it was a lot of fun, getting to see everyone in their costumes on stage doing what we all love. Performing in front of an audience for the first time for many people can be nerve racking but once your first show is complete you feel ready to perform again with even more energy. Even if you are not someone that performs but would love to try one of our M2 productions I would definitely recommend giving it a try. The memories you make throughout with the cast and during the show will always be my favourite. I am sad to say this show is over but it will always be a core memory for me and I’m sure for the other people as well that performed in Matilda.
Alysia B. (ALCA)

Emotions are quite cool. Especially when they’re good emotions, like love, or comfort, or excitement. I’ve never felt these emotions in such excess as during my time spent preparing for and performing school productions.

M2’s 2022 Senior Production, Matilda the Musical, was beautiful, both in rehearsals as in performances. We were a tight-knit ensemble of people from every social corner of the high school arena, all joined by a common fascination with performance; a writhing heap of jittering nerves and driven passion, both old and newfound. Those who had not been involved in production before, and who had possibly even joined in just for a laugh, found an overwhelming love for the experience; if not of the performing, then of the infuriatingly talented people they performed with. By closing night you would not have been able to find a cheek untouched by tears of overwhelming pride at what we, a cast and crew of adolescents, had accomplished in only three short months. There’s another good emotion: pride. I think that’s a pretty good emotion, too.
Syria L. (LKPA)

Felicia Taine & Hayley Gamble – Director/Producers
Performing Arts