Judith Weir

Semester One is drawing to a close and it is a great time to reflect on all that has been achieved. We went into the year hopeful that all the events and rites of passage would return. Whilst they have taken time to once again form part of our year, for the most part they are back. We are now gathering as a whole school to celebrate the achievements of our students. We are celebrating Mass together and welcoming families onsite to share in the joy of watching our very talented students perform in Matilda and the Mid-Year Concert.

Students have attended Year 12 Retreat, Year 7 Camp and Year 9 Horizon Camps. Excursions have resumed and GSV is in full swing. Teams who competed in GSV Cross Country and Netball were successful in bringing home trophies. The business of our lives has returned and with it the challenges of juggling all of the competing needs and priorities of our families and work.

This Term we have also seen the return of winter. A colder and more challenging winter than we have had for some time which has included a cold and flu season that has impacted many. As winter continues in Term 3, we hope that the worst of the flu season has passed and students can return without interruption. Thank you to all who remained home when they were unwell, followed up with Rapid Antigen Tests and did their very best to help keep all at OLMC safe and well.

The Student Leaders have really worked hard this semester to engage with students from every Year Level in a variety of ways. Congratulations to all Year 12 Student Leaders on leading students to successfully participate in the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, Dare to Donate, Whole School Assemblies and a range of other smaller activities, that provided chances for Year 7 and 8 students to learn what being part of OLMC can mean. The leaders have been excellent role models who have impressed us by their commitment to ensuring that all that is valuable about OLMC continues. The SRC and class leaders at all year levels have also taken up the challenge and joined the Year 12 Leadership Team in many of the initiatives across the semester.

Brooke Kilborn, Head of Student Wellbeing will spend her final days with us next week. Brooke has served the students, families and staff at OLMC with dedication and commitment for over ten years. For most of that time she has led the Student Wellbeing Team. There are many students and families who I know will be forever grateful to Brooke for her listening ear, her patient understanding, her resourcefulness and her commitment to supporting students to successfully complete their secondary education. Brooke has been a respected and valued friend and colleague to many at OLMC. We wish her every success in her new role in the Wellbeing Team of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools as Education Advisor in the area of Child Safety.

In Term 3 Megan Edwards will take up the role of Head of Student Wellbeing for the remainder of the year. Megan has been a member of the OLMC Community for a number of years and been the Health and Physical Education Learning Leader for much of that time. We know that Megan will continue to ensure that the wellbeing of all students is at the forefront of our work and we wish her all the very best in her new role.

This is the last newsletter before the break. We hope that you all have a wonderful break and enjoy a change of routine. We hope all students find time to rest and rejuvenate ready for a busy and exciting Term 3.