Over the last few weeks of Term 3, the VCE Performing Arts students have put their foot to the floor and steamed ahead in their exam preparation. Unlike most subjects, the Performing Art students start their exams in the first week of Term 4. This year our Drama students sat their performance exams on 6 Wednesday October. They had rehearsed earnestly, workshopped and prepared their monologue over the Term 3 break. The monologue consisted of a 7-minute performance of the students' own creation based on 10 structures set by the VCAA. The students write and create the pieces themselves.

In Music Performance, they have not been able to rehearse with their accompanist online, so have had to be incredibly flexible through online learning. They have continued to have lessons online and become experts in using recordings, in both audio and video formats to receive feedback on their progress from a number of sources. The students were extremely lucky to have the opportunity of running their performances during the holidays, you may have seen some snippets of these on SIMON and PAM. Students were able to put in some extra rehearsals during the first week back (even when they needed to be held outside to comply with COVID safety). The students sat their performance exams on the first weekend of the Term 3. After a last minute emergency change of accompanist, the vocalists showed great poise, perseverance, courage and grace in their final performances.

The Theatre Studies students were finally able to present their production of “The Unravelling”. Due to the lockdown the date was moved three times, however on Monday 6 September, they were able to finally rehearse, perform and record their production. For their final performance exam, students needed to then research a monologue/play, learn their lines and present this in their own unique way. Students chose to act/direct or design in two areas. This year we have 8 Actors and 4 Designers.

The Performing Arts staff are incredibly proud of every student and we are all in awe of the creativity, perseverance, adaptability that each student has shown throughout this year.

We would like to thank all the VCE students for their contributions throughout their years at OLMC and we wish them all the best for their exams and future studies.

Madalena Broadbent
Performing Arts Learning Leader