Congratulations to our incredible Aerobics team for winning Aggregate School Champion at the 2022 AeroSchools Victorian Championships (Secondary) on Friday 29 July.

OLMC had 50 students competing and an amazing 38 students have now qualified for Nationals in September.

Thank you and congratulations must also go to coaches Mrs Deb Butterworth and Mrs Dani Scuderi for all of the hard work, time and energy they have put in for this team.

OLMC Heidelberg Results




1st PlaceLevel 4 Group (Intermediate)Matilda B, Charlotte D, Ellie S and Kiara S
Aero Dance Division 1Stephanie A, Matilda B, Ella C, Charlotte D, Olivia J, Ellie S, Kiara S and Kira W.
2nd PlaceLevel 4 Trio (Senior)Angelique A, Isabella F and Indiana O
3rd PlaceLevel 3 Pair (Senior)Charlotte D and Kira W
Level 3 Pair (Intermediate)Sophie C and Louise D
Level 3 Group (Intermediate)Chelsea C, Kaitlyn M, Isabella P and Rheanah R
Level 4 Pair (Senior)Alessia M and Olivia R
Level 4 Pair (Intermediate)Matilda B and Ellie S
Aero Dance Division 1Stefania A, Sophie B, Zara C, Magdalen G, Tabatha M and Harriet R
Aero Dance Division 2Angelique A, Isabella F, Kyra G, Erin H, Mollie L, Alessia M, Indiana O, Ashleigh P, Olivia R and Tahlia S
4th PlaceLevel 5 Pair (Senior)Ella C and Olivia J
Level 3 Trio (Intermediate)Nicola B, Mirabel J and Olivia T
Aero Dance Division 1Chelsea C, Talia D, Kaitlyn M, Isabella P, Rheanah R and Sienna S
5th PlaceLevel 3 Pair (Intermediate)Stefania A and Harriet R
Level 4 Pair (Intermediate)Charlotte D and Kiara S
6th PlaceLevel 4 Pair (Intermediate)Stephanie A and Kiara S
Level 3 Pair (Intermediate)Talia D and Sienna S
7th PlaceLevel 3 Pair (Intermediate)Lily O and Isadora T